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What is Medigap Plan F?

Written by Evens Stevenson

Every year,  we hear stories of thousands of seniors that have their savings account drained. Your life has been all about getting to retirement, but your health care expenses can turn your retirement dream into a retirement nightmare. We know that navigating the Medicare waters can be frustrating, but that’s why we are here to.. More

If you’ve been keeping up with Medicare news, you might have heard the announcement that Medigap Plan F is going to going away. For anyone with a Medicare Supplemental Plan F, that is a scary announcement. We’ve gotten a lot of questions about how those changes and how it’s going to impact applicants’ coverage. The.. More

Medigap Plan G

Written by Evens Stevenson

Medicare is an excellent program that helps millions of Americans get health care protection that they wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. While it’s a great tool, it doesn’t cover all of the expenses that applicants could run into, which could leave you with a massive amount of debt that you would be responsible for.. More

What is Medicare SELECT?

Written by Evens Stevenson

Americans should be thankful for the affordable coverage that Medicare provides. While it’s a great plan for enrollees, there are a lot of applicants that want more coverage. There are several coverage holes left in the Medicare Parts A and B that could leave you with bills that you have to pay for out-of-pocket. These.. More

When is the Best Time to Apply for Medicare Supplement Insurance?

Written by Evens Stevenson

Medicare pays for a lot of health care expenses that would otherwise drain a savings account, but the program doesn’t cover every expense. There are still plenty of fees and services that could put a financial strain on an enrollee. Medicare Supplement insurance, often referred to as Medigap insurance, provides coverage for many of the.. More

Coordinating Medicare Part D with Other Types of Coverage

Written by Evens Stevenson

The older that you get, the higher the chance is that you have at least one prescription that you take. The majority of Medicare enrollees have multiple medications that they get filled every month. Depending on how specialized and the number of medications, these prescriptions can add up to thousands of dollars every year, which.. More

The Best Medicare Supplement Plans for Frequent Travelers

Written by Evens Stevenson

Although Medicare Parts A and B provide a number of benefits to its enrollees, there are also a great deal of out-of-pocket costs that can be incurred to participants. . If you don’t plan for these out-of-pocket expenses, you could be left with thousands of dollars in medical bills that can quickly ruin your retirement.. More

Traveling Outside of the U.S? Make Sure That You’re Covered

Written by Evens Stevenson

For retirees, travel is often a favorite past-time – and certainly summertime is a great time of year to do so. This is especially the case if you are traveling overseas. Yet, there is always so much to do when planning that big trip! Medicare is an excellent program that gives enrollees health care coverage.. More

Comparing Medicare Supplement Plans

Written by Evens Stevenson

Depending on the Medicare Supplement insurance policy that is purchased, this coverage can pay for the Medicare Part A and / or Medicare Part B deductible amount that you owe, as well as the copayments and coinsurance. Other benefits are also offered. There are currently ten different Medicare Supplement insurance policies that are offered in the marketplace.. More

The Best Way to Choose a Medicare Supplement Plan for You

Written by Evens Stevenson

If you’re about to enroll in Medicare, you will realize that even though there are many types of health care that are covered through this program, but there are areas which aren’t covered that call for out-of-pocket payments from the Medicare enrollee. Oftentimes, these expenses can really add up – and they can be especially.. More